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A browser extension that provides additional functionality and visual modes for

Install the extension here

How to Use

  1. Install the Extension on Chrome.
  2. Go to (if you already have it open, refresh the page) make sure you are logged in to Facebook Messenger.
  3. That’s it!

Plus Button Customization

The Plus button is located on the top left of the screen and looks like this: plus button

Light/Dark Mode

This changes the theme of messenger to be light or dark. See below for screenshots.

Borders On/Off

This toggles the borders of each section of the page on and off.

Light mode, Borders On

Light, borders on

Light mode, Borders Off

Light, borders off

Dark mode, Borders On

Light, borders on

Dark mode, Borders Off

Light, borders off

Private mode

When private mode is on, messages and conversations are blurred out or invisible until the mouse hovers over it.

Private Mode, Light


Private Mode, Dark

dark private

Compact mode

When compact mode is on, the conversation list will automatically minimize into a list of icons and expands when the mouse hovers over it. This is ideal for smaller screen devices.

Video embedding

A video link that is recognized will automatically be embedded. Only Youtube videos and Twitch clips are recognized right now. video

Pinning and Unpinning a Conversation

To pin a conversation, click on the settings button on the right side of the conversation on the list, click “Pin conversation”.


To unpin a conversation, click on the “Unpin conversation” in the settings menu of the conversation.


Other Information

This extension is free and I do not collect any user data, nor will I in the future.

Disclaimer: This extension nor its developer is in any way associated with Facebook or Facebook Messenger. This is a third-party extension.


The loading page never finishes loading

You might have an older version of messenger, see if this legacy extension works.

I got a message that says it can’t find my pinned conversations

If the pinned conversation hasn’t seen activity recently, you might need to message that conversation for MessengerPlus to be able to find it and pin it.

A video wasn’t correctly embedded

This happens sometimes when the link is formatted in a different way. Unfortunately this is still being worked on and you’ll have to click the link to see the video.

There’s a feature I want or a bug I want to report

Please email for suggestions, comments or concerns!


‣ 2.3.1 Small bug fix for Twitch Embed and DarkMode colors.
‣ 2.3.0 New private mode: updated animations and placeholders
‣ 2.2.7 Small UI patch for groupchat icons and some color changes.
‣ 2.2.6 Large update for the DarkMode of vector graphics from Facebook.
‣ 2.2.5 Small dark-mode patch. Reply text background.
‣ 2.2.4 Pop up message on the extension button added.
‣ 2.2.3 Small dark-mode bug fix
‣ 2.2.2 Pinning bug fix (not finding pinned conversations)
‣ 2.2.1 Small bug fix
‣ 2.2.0 Major revision fixes for the July 2019 Messenger Update
‣ 2.1.5 Hotfix for Messenger Update
‣ 2.1.4 Minor Updates, Updated loading
‣ 2.1.3 Fixed minor embed video bug
‣ 2.1.2 Fixed color of new threaded messages Messenger introduced
‣ 2.1.1 Minor bug fix for embed videos
‣ 2.1.0 Pin now works for almost all conversations (limited to somewhat recent). Added loading screen for loading scripts.
‣ 2.0.3 Beta Release of the Plus Button feature. "Not working until refresh" bug fixed.
‣ 1.3.3 Added DarkMode in Call page, bug fixes
‣ 1.3.2 Added embed for twitch clips
‣ 1.3.1 Fixed shortened and mobile Youtube links not being recognized
‣ 1.3.0 Youtube embedded videos released, updated descriptions
‣ 1.2.0 Internal code rework, more bug fixes
‣ 1.1.2 Fixed the typing animation background
‣ 1.1.1 Renamed as MessengerPlus, Color Bug fixes
‣ 1.1.0 Pin Conversations Functionality Released
‣ 1.0.1 Minor Bug Fixes
‣ 1.0.0 Initial Release as "DarkMessenger"