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A browser extension that adds a hover option for Reddit's u/MtgCardFetcher bot.


Note: This extension works with both New Reddit and Old Reddit.

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You can download the extension/add-on here:


Check out the Github Project page



The preference options for this extension are:

These options can be adjusted in the options page of the extension or the popup button.

List of Subreddits

This is the list of subreddits that this extension works on:

"239MTG", "affinityforartifacts", "alliesmtg", "AllStandards", "Alphabetter", "Amonkhet", "architectMTG", "ArclightPhoenixMTG", "aristocratsMTG", "BadMTGCombos", "basementboardgames", "BaSE_MtG", "BudgetBrews", "budgetdecks", "BulkMagic", "cardsphere", "casualmtg", "CatsPlayingMTG", "CircuitContest", "cocomtg", "CompetitiveEDH", "custommagic", "DeckbuildingPrompts", "edh", "EDHug", "EggsMTG", "ElvesMTG", "enchantress", "EsperMagic", "findmycard", "fishmtg", "FlickerMTG", "freemagic", "goblinsMTG", "HamiltonMTG", "HardenedScales", "humansmtg", "infect", "johnnys", "kikichord", "lanternmtg", "lavaspike", "locketstorm", "lrcast", "magicarena", "Magicdeckbuilding", "MagicDuels", "magicTCG", "magicTCG101", "MakingMagic", "marchesatheblackrose", "marduMTG", "MentalMentalMagic", "millMTG", "ModernLoam", "modernmagic", "ModernRecMTG", "modernspikes", "ModernZombies", "monobluemagic", "mtg", "MTGAngels", "mtgbattlebox", "mtgbracket", "mtgbrawl", "mtgbudgetmodern", "mtgcardfetcher", "mtgcube", "MTGDredge", "mtgfinalfrontier", "mtgfinance", "mtgfrontier", "mtglegacy", "MTGManalessDredge", "MTGMaverick", "mtgmel", "mtgrules", "mtgspirits", "mtgtreefolk", "mtgvorthos", "neobrand", "nicfitmtg", "oathbreaker_mtg", "oldschoolmtg", "pauper", "PauperArena", "PauperEDH", "peasantcube", "PennyDreadfulMTG", "PioneerMTG", "planeshiftmtg", "ponzamtg", "RatsMTG", "RealLifeMTG", "RecklessBrewery", "rpg_brasil", "scapeshift", "shittyjudgequestions", "sistersmtg", "skredred", "Sligh", "spikes", "stoneblade", "StrangeBrewEDH", "SuperUltraBudgetEDH", "therandomclub", "Thoptersword", "threecardblind", "TinyLeaders", "TronMTG", "UBFaeries", "uwcontrol", "xmage"

Contact me if there’s another subreddit that should be added!


If you like this extension, feel free to contribute code or suggest possible functionalities and options!

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This extension is a third-party project and has no affiliation with Reddit nor Wizards of the Coast. This project is also free and does not collect any user data whatsoever.

Permissions required:

Change Log

v1.2.3 Icon update and major fixes for new Reddit layout.
v1.2.2 More bug fixes.
v1.2.1 Bug fixes with options and hovering.
v1.2.0 Major adjustments and hover is over mouse position now.
v1.1.0 First stable release with hover fixed on screen.