This project is a browser extension that replaces Twitch and some BTTV emote texts to actual image emotes for Facebook’s Messenger on



There are two ways to use this project:

Chrome Webstore

Download the published extension here:

Manual Download

Clone this repository:

git clone

or download the latest version in Releases

Just make sure to turn on developer options in chrome://extensions/ and ‘Load Unpacked’ and then select the folder where manifest.json is located.

This option allows you to use your own emotes lists.


To change options, click on the extension button on the right side of the URL bar. Screenshot

Emote Replacement On & Hover On


Emote Replacement Off & Hover On


Emote List

Not every emote is support (especially since many are channel-specific/have many duplicate forms). The list of supported emotes can be found here.

Using Your Own

The emotes.json has a simple structure like this:

{"emotes": [
  {"name": "emote1", "url":""},
  {"name": "emote2", "url":""},
  {"name": "emote3", "url":""}

Where the emotes list can have any number of emotes listed. See the default emotes.json for an example.

Other Information

This is a third party extension and is not affiliated with Facebook Messenger or Twitch. All emotes and images belong to their respective owners.

Browser permissions


‣ 1.3.1 Added more recently relevant emotes. Uses remote data to fetch emotes so it can be updated more often.
‣ 1.3.0 Added popup menu, options for hover and on off, optimizations
‣ 1.2.2 Optimization, improved hover for emotes
‣ 1.2.1 Emotes now show up correctly in quotes
‣ 1.2.0 Added most Twitch Global emotes
‣ 1.1.3 Fixed single emote message not showing up bug
‣ 1.1.2 Alt text and Hover title for emotes
‣ 1.1.1 Icons added and bug fixes
‣ 1.1.0 Initial Release
‣ 1.0.0 Beta Release